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2016 Bi-Annual Grape Research Tailgate Tour

August 24, 2016

9:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.

9:00 a.m. –  Lambert Farm, 370 Line 1, NOTL

  • Cover crops and soil health
    (Kathryn Carter, OMAFRA)
  • 3 essential methods to increase rain infiltration in your vineyard
    (Deanna Nemeth, OMAFRA)
  • Soil moisture monitoring and irrigation
    (Rebecca Shortt, OMAFRA)

10:15 a.m. –  Lawrie Farm, 463 Scott Street, NOTL

  • Effects of leaf removal on sparkling and still Pinot noir wines
    (Belinda Kemp and Jim Willwerth, CCOVI)

11:00 a.m. –  Cave Spring Vineyards, Cave Spring Road, Beamsville

  • Applications of drones and GreenSeeker in the vineyard
    (Andy Reynolds and students, Brock University)
  • Update on testing for major grapevine viruses in Ontario
    (Dr. Baozhong Meng, University of Guelph)
  • Updates on mealybug and red blotch research
    (Wendy McFadden-Smith, OMAFRA)

12:00 noon –  Henry of Pelham Winery, 1469 Pelham Rd, St. Catharines

  • Updates on sour rot research
    (Wendy McFadden-Smith, OMAFRA)
  • Product updates by industry reps
  • Lunch sponsored by AEF Global, Bayer CropScience, BASF, FMC,
    Engage Agro, CertisUSA, Syngenta, Dow AgroSciences


Please RSVP by August 19 to:

905-562-1631 or

2016 Grape Tailgate Tour flyer (pdf)

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