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Strawberry growers tour, Quebec, Aug 17-18

North American Strawberry Growers Association Summer Tour Aug 17-18, 2016,Quebec

The NASGA summer tour will be August 17-18, 2016, in the strawberry production regions near Quebec City. Sign up for both days,  or just the 2nd day.  Agenda is posted 2016TourItinerary . 

This date and location was chosen so that growers could attend the International Strawberry Symposium Aug 13-16, in Quebec City. In fact, the tour on Aug 17 is part of the symposium, so you have to register for each day of the tour separately. (Aug 17- International Symposium, Aug 18-  NASGA )

NASGA summer tours are always great! It’s a very busy time of year for growers, but this tour provides a unique chance to catch up on what’s new in progressive Quebec. For more information, contact , 1-613-258-4587, or visit the NASGA website at

It’s tough to get away but – You can do this! Visiting other grower’s in the peak of their season is a rare and worthwhile opportunity.

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