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International Strawberry Symposium Quebec City, August 13-17, 2016

International Strawberry Symposium  Quebec City, August 13-17, 2016.

The next ISHS International Strawberry Symposium will take place in Quebec City from the 13th to the 17th of August, 2016. Known as the Olympics of Strawberry, this meeting occurs once every 4 years. The most recent meetings were held in China, Spain and Australia. 

The next International Strawberry Symposium will be the meeting place of all those involved in the science and development of the strawberry industry worldwide.

The symposium will address such topics as breeding advancements, sustainability and safety of production, cultural management techniques, harvesting efficiency, marketing strategy, diseases and pest control, and health benefits of strawberry.

About 400 scientists from 50 countries will meet during ISS2016. At the same time, a similar number of industry stakeholders and growers will meet to attend the Strawberry-Techtransfer program. Symposium organizers have partnered with Veiling Hoogstraten to organize a special session on worldwide marketing opportunities and outcome for the years to come.

The conference concludes with a choice of three tours of Quebec strawberry production regions will occur on the last day of the conference. The North American Strawberry Growers Association (NASGA) will join the symposium for tours on August 17 and hold a hold a post conference tour August 18.  NASGA tour info here.

The organizing committee invites you to  free up some time to attend this unique symposium in the beautiful city of Québec.

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