Tuesday September 13, 2016
Barrie Hill Farms
2935 Barrie Hill Rd., Barrie

If you are old enough to remember the last summer tour at Barrie Hill in 1998, you will be amazed at the growth and progress that has taken place since then.  Production and marketing of asparagus, strawberries, raspberries ,  blueberries and  other fresh fruit and vegetables has turned Barrie Hill farms into  community hub for fresh and local food.  http://www.barriehillfarms.com/

Many of our members have gotten to know Adrien and Morris Gervais from Barrie Hill Farms.  Adrien and Evelyn Gervais purchased the farm in 1968 and grew tobacco until 1979. Getting out of the tobacco industry, strawberries were the first crop, beginning in 1977.

The farm has evolved a lot from their beginning and now boasts 40 acres of blueberries, 30 plus acres of strawberries and 15 acres of raspberries.  Those are just the berry crops.  Barrie Hill grows a variety of vegetables including a large acreage of asparagus.  A new planting of apples has been established as well over the past few years.

As you can see there is lots to see and talk about and after last years record crowd we expect another large gathering..

The OBGA board will spend some time bringing members up to date on the proposed marketing board for Ontario Berries.

The program starts with a farm tour at 4:00 pm followed by dinner around 6 pm.  The cost will be $15-$20 per person to cover the cost of dinner.  Last year we were able to get some sponsorship dollars to help offset the meal so hopefully we can do the same this year.

Morris has a chef on staff so we should be treated to an excellent meal.

Please RSVP to Kevin Schooley, at 613-258-4587, or info@ontarioberries.com.

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