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Register Now for the North American Berry Conference

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Online registration is now open for our December 2016 North American Berry Conference at the Great Lakes Fruit & Vegetable Expo in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

To register online, click here. 

The Berry Conference (Dec. 4-5) is listed as a “Pre-Conference Event”. You’ll want to register BOTH for that and for the Great Lakes Expo itself (Dec. 6-8) to attend all the days of the North American Berry Conference.  We also offer two workshops on Tuesday Dec. 6 that require preregistration.

If you want to register on paper or see the details of the Berry Conference program, click here for the Berry Conference Brochure.  These pages include a slightly modified version of the Expo’s print registration form that emphasizes the Berry Conference for a simpler, and easier registration process. Either form will work.

Posters:  Posters are being accepted by BOTH the Berry Conference and the Great Lakes Expo. You do not have to attend to display a poster at the Berry Conference. For details, click here.

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