Changes to Ethrel – Closed Loop System

Ethephon, sold at Ethrel by Bayer CropScience, has had a few changes to the label recently which have been in effect as of September 24, 2022.

  • Not permitted for use when fruit are present
  • A closed system is required when mixing, loading and applying
  • Restrictions on amount of chemicals permitted to handle daily (these volumes differ based on open cab, closed cab, aerial, backpack, and/or handgun use)
  • Reentry interval changes

For specific information regarding reentry intervals and daily handling quantities please refer to the label, which can be found here: Pesticide Label Search – Health Canada (

When defining a closed system, this is described on the as a system that removes “pesticide from its original container, rinsing, mixing, diluting and transferring the pesticide through connecting hoses, pipes, and couplings that are sufficiently tight to prevent exposure of any person to the pesticide or rinsing solution.”

To accomplish this, there are a few options:

easyFlow System:

  • This is available through Greenleaf and is an adapter for current sprayers
  • The adapter allows you to utilize almost every bottle on the market
  • Cheaper option compared to easyFlow M System

easyFlow M System:

  • Not currently listed on Greenleaf’s website
  • Installed either directly fitted onto sprayer unit or externally (free standing) unit next to sprayer on a transport rack
  • Allows you to utilize almost every bottle on the market
  • Measures pesticide (minimum of 60 mL)
  • More expensive option compared to easyFlow System

If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to Erika DeBrouwer through text, email, or social media (226-931-4098,, @FruitWiTheSpurs)

Erika DeBrouwer
Erika DeBrouwer

Tree Fruit Specialist, OMAFRA