New Updates to the Ontario Crop Protection Hub

Since launching the Beta version of the Ontario Crop Protection Hub in Spring 2022, OMAFRA has continued to work on system improvements based off user feedback to meet the needs of the agri-food sector more effectively.

Find the crop management solution in only a few simple steps:

The following are some new enhancements that may be of interest to apple growers:

Apple Pest Management Information page

For users looking only for apple-related information, you may want to bookmark the Apple Pest Management Information page to use as your regular starting point into the Hub.

On this page you will find:

  1. Fruit Crop Protection and Weed Control searches – Use these tools when looking for guidance on product choice, program planning and rate information.
  2. Product search – Use this tool when looking for use pattern information (REI, PHI, etc) of a known product.
  3. Efficacy view – Use this tool to generate disease and insect efficacy tables for all products registered on apples.
  4. Supplemental tables and resource materials – Additional reference tables and chapters that were in Publication 360 related to pest management, thinners and plant growth regulators can now be found here.

Direct link to PMRA label

Within the crop protection searches, all product listings include a direct link to the PMRA label database for quick reference. Simply click on “Registration number and product label” under Product Attributes.

Search bar included in product search

Within the Product search (note, this is the product database not the Fruit Crop Protection search), users now have the ability to quickly type in the specific trade name or active ingredient they are looking for. These listings can be used for label access, manufacturer information, crop registration, REI/PHI/max applications, pest efficacy and toxicity to beneficials.

COMING SOON! Skip growth stage and print capabilities

Soon to be released for fruit crops will be the ability to bypass the growth stage filter option to see the full list of registered products. Stay tuned for more information when this feature is available.

User feedback has continued to emphasize the importance of print capabilities or offline access of crop protection information. We understand this need and continue to prioritize this in the system development. Options will become available in the coming months. In the meantime, should you require printed copies of any apple crop protection information, please contact Kristy at or 519-420-9422.

Looking for more information?

At the end of March, a Lunch N Learn webinar was offered for apple growers on some new features and tips to using the Ontario Crop Protection Hub. A recording of this webinar can be found here. Passcode: G#$Z0QBu

Your feedback remains important to help continue this improvement! There is a feedback form link at the top of the webpage and available here: jCh0uW5LRw

Kristy Grigg-McGuffin

Horticulture IPM Specialist, OMAFRA