Wanted: Harvest Assessment Participants

As part of a baseline study, I am hoping to assess various technologies and strategies that growers are currently utilizing in the orchard during harvest.  

I specifically want to look at various ways growers are harvesting, some ideas include:

  • ladders and/or platforms
    • stripping trees vs spot picking
      • bin carriers
      • variety variance
      • crew sizes
      • time of day
      • early season harvest vs late season harvesting
      • logistics etc.

I am hoping to look at ‘Honeycrisp’, Gala, and Ambrosia specifically across the province, where I am hopeful to have at least one of each variety from every district. I hope to look at the variance within the industry of apple harvest and share any efficiencies, technologies, and strategies that could be shared and integrated throughout the industry.  

What would I need from you? If you are interested in participating, please reach out to me directly to discuss when we can schedule a day where I can come and see harvest crews in action.  

If interested, please contact Erika DeBrouwer at 226-931-4098 (call/text) or email at erika.debrouwer@ontario.ca.

Erika DeBrouwer

OMAFRA Tree Fruit Specialist