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Expansion of Regulated Area for Blueberry Maggot

( Expansion of regulated area for blueberry maggot from CFIA website

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) has expanded the geographic boundaries of the regulated area for blueberry maggot in the province of Ontario.

 Following consultations with blueberry producers and stakeholders, the CFIA has amalgamated and expanded the regulated areas in Ontario ( The new regulated area now includes all of Southern Ontario. See the map of the updated regulated area for greater detail.

 The amalgamated regulated area will allow producers to move their fruit within this area without certification while preventing the spread of the blueberry maggot into unregulated areas. Fresh blueberries moving out of the regulated area will continue to require a movement certificate issued by the CFIA. Any person who fails to adhere to the movement restrictions may be subject to a fine, prosecution or both.

 In addition to the updated regulated area, the following changes have been made to D-02-04, the phytosanitary requirements for blueberry maggot:

 •New and revised treatment options for rooted blueberry plants and used blueberry fruit containers

•Updated requirements for participants in the Blueberry Certification Program (BCP) and

•Clearer requirements for CFIA-approved processing plants.

 As well, import requirements for commodities regulated for blueberry maggot from the United States have been removed from D-02-04 and transferred so they can be found with the import requirements for blueberry products from other countries. A complete summary of the changes can be found on the CFIA website.

 Blueberry maggot is a regulated pest under the Plant Protection Act and poses a serious threat to the fresh fruit industry in Canada.  Since its discovery in the Maritimes in the 1930’s, the blueberry maggot has become established in Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, southern Quebec (1996) and southern Ontario (1999). Blueberry maggot has not been found in other areas of Canada.


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