Improving the potential for successful biocontrol strategies on strawberry and raspberry farms.

 coccinellid larvaTuesday March 8, 2016

Springfield Golf and Country Club, Guelph

9:00 am-4:00 pm

March 8 2016 Biocontrol Agenda and Registration Form (2 pages)

Information will be presented via guest speakers, experienced growers and discussion with industry specialists.

  • Biocontrols have been used in the greenhouse industry of many years to control pests such as aphids, mites and thrips. Learn what techniques have the most potential for berry crops, and what has been learned from early experiments in the field.
  • Many biopesticides have been recently registered on berry crops. Learn how these products work, how they could be integrated into your pest control program and how to evaluate their success.
  • A diverse habitat that provides pollen and shelter has been shown to increase populations of beneficial species and in some cases increase yields. Learn how to establish and maintain the landscape around your fields to encourage beneficial insects and pollinators.

Please see the attached agenda and registration form.

Register Soon!  Space is limited.  You can always call or email your intentions.

Tel 613-258-4587,


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  2. Zyreen Robins

    This would be a great opportunity to take with, especially for berry farmers like me. I will take an email and see if get any slot. Thank you for sharing this.

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