Publication #360, Guide to Fruit Production, was updated during the winter and copies are now available from most OMAFRA offices, and on line.  The updated publication includes over 30 new products, new uses or new formulations for berry crops.  A  list of these new products and uses was presented at the OFVC Berry Day Feb 18.

Meanwhile 6 more products have been registered for insect and disease control on berry crops, and these will be added in a supplement to Publication #360.

Sivanto Prime (flupyradifurone) Group 4D. Registered for aphids on strawberry, blueberry, currant, gooseberry, saskatoon berry, haskaps and other berry crops in Crop Group 13-07B (bushberries). Also registered for control of blueberry maggot.  (Bayer CropScience)

Luna Tranquility SC (fluopyram+pyrimethanil) Group 7+9. Registered for control of botrytis grey mould and powdery mildew on strawberry, raspberry and blueberry and other berry crops in Crop Group 13-07A (caneberries), 13-07B (bushberries), and 13-07C (low growing berry sub group except cranberry).  (Bayer CropScience)

Inspire Super (difenaconazol+cyprodinil) Group 3+9. Registered for control of mummyberry and suppression of rust on blueberry, control of anthracnose fruit rot on blueberry, elderberry and huckleberry, control of foliar anthracnose on currants and gooseberries, control of alternaria and botrytis on blueberry, currant, elderberry, gooseberry. (Syngenta Canada)

Kasumin 2L (kasugamycin) Group 24.  Registered for fire blight control on raspberry, blackberry and saskatoon berry. (Arysta LifeScience)

Phostrol (mono and dibasic sodium, potassium and ammonium phosphites) Group 33. Registered for control of septoria leaf spot and suppression of phytophthora root rot on highbush blueberry, currants, gooseberries, saskatoon berry and sea buckthorn and other berries in Crop Group 13-07B ( bushberries). (Engage Agro)

Torrent (cyazofamid) Group 21. Registered for control of phytophthora root rot on blackberry and raspberry. (Engage Agro)

To see details on these new products, try the pesticide label search.

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