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Tender Fruit Pest Control Product UpDate 2016

There are several new fungicides and insecticides registered for use in tender fruit as well as some formulation and name changes in 2016.  Refer to Publication 360 and labels for more information.

New fungicides

Aprovia is a new Group 7 fungicide (same group as Fontelis and Sercadis) with protective activity against pear scab during primary scab season until petal fall.  It is locally systemic and translaminar (moves through the leaf), has a Restricted Entry Interval (REI) of 12 hours and Pre Harvest Interval (PHI) of 21 days. Do not apply back-to-back sprays of Group 7 fungicides.  Do not use Group 7 fungicides more than twice per season.

Cueva is a new liquid formulation of copper that contains 10% copper octanoate (1.8% actual copper). The octanoate portion of the molecule is a fatty acid (soap) which improves the activity of copper. It is registered for control of fire blight, peach leaf curl, bacterial spot, blossom blight and brown rot of stone fruit and bacterial canker and leaf spot on tart and sweet cherry.   During excessive moisture and cold, leaf spots can appear on copper-sensitive crop species. If concerned about sensitivity of plants, apply to individual trees or small areas of trees and wait to determine if  damage occurs prior to treatment of larger areas.  It has an REI of 4 hours and a PHI of 1 day.  Cueva should not be tank mixed with lime or chelated or liquid fertilizers. Use caution if mixing with oils.  For pome fruit varieties that are susceptible to russeting, a rate of 0.5% v/v is recommended. Do not exceed 1% v/v when fruit is present.

Double Nickel 55 is a biological product containing the bacterium, Bacillus amyloliquifaciens strain D747.  It is registered for suppression of fire blight.  It should not be applied with silicon based spreaders.  The REI is 4 hours (when dried) and it has a 0 day PHI.  It will work best at pH 6-8.  It does not require refrigeration but should be kept out of direct sunlight.  It can be stored for 1 year.

Fracture contains an extract from sweet lupin seed and is a Group M.  It is suppresses blossom blight in stone fruit.   It has an REI of 4 hours (when dried) and a PHI of 0 days.  Fracture requires two to four hours drying time on plant foliage for the active ingredient to absorb into the plant tissue before rain or irrigation occurs. If, during the next 12 hours it rains significantly, a new application will be needed during the next 4 days.

Kasumin 2L is labeled for control of blossom blast and suppression of bacterial canker of sweet and tart cherry.  It has an REI of 12 hours and a PHI of 30 days.

Luna Tranquility SC (Group 7, same as Aprovia, Fontelis and Pristine, + Group 9, same as Scala) is labeled for prebloom control of pear scab.  It has a REI of 12 hours and a PHI of 14 days.  Do not apply Group 7 or Group 9 in back-to-back sprays.  Do not use Group 7 or Group 9 fungicides more than twice per season.

Mustgro, 100% Oriental Mustard Seed Meal, is registered for suppression of root lesion and ring nematodes in pear and stone fruit.  Refer to Chapter 8 of Publication 360
for details.

Sercadis is a Group 7 (same as Aprovia and Fontelis) for early season control of blossom blight of stone fruit and pear scab during primary scab season until petal fall.  It is locally systemic and has a 12 hour REI and a 14 day PHI.  Use with a non-ionic surfactant at 0.125 v/v.  Do not apply back-to-back sprays of Group 7 fungicides.  Do not use Group 7 fungicides more than twice per season.

New Insecticides

Semios CM Plus is an automated aerosol dispenser system that releases puffs of pheromone for mating disruption of codling moth in pear.  For more information regarding the installation or application of Semios CM Plus, contact Semios (info@semios.com) at least 6-8 months prior to the first use.  Refer to Chapter 9 of Publication 360 for more information about mating disruption.

 Sivanto Prime is a new quick knock-down Group 4D insecticide that provides control of San Jose scale and oystershell scale and suppression of pear psylla.  It should be tank mixed with horticultural oil (0.25% v/v).  It has a favourable safety profile for many beneficial insects.  The risk of cross-resistance with other Group 4 insecticides (Actara, Assail, Calypso, Clutch, TwinGuard) is moderately low.  However the Insecticide Resistance Action Committee recommends against using any Group 4 in succession unless there is no other alternative.  Sivanto Prime is rainfast 1 hour after application. Oil when mixed with Sivanto Prime may cause fruit injury to certain varieties of pears, particularly d’Anjou and other sensitive varieties, when used alone or when other products are applied sequentially.  Certain conditions, including but not limited to, application when temperatures are expected to exceed 30°C within 24 hours of application may result in fruit injury after the use of oil.

Product name changes or restrictions

Bumper 418EC replaces Mission 418EC with the same rates, REI and PHI.

The label for Delegate WG has been expanded to include suppression of cherry fruit fly and control of spotted wing drosophila in stone fruit. It has an REI of 12 hours and a PHI of 7 days.

Senator SC replaces Senator 70WP.  Note corresponding changes in rate relative to the change in active ingredient.

Serenade OPTI is a new formulation of Serenade with 45% more of the active ingredient, Bacillus subtilis, than Serenade Max.  The rate per ha has been reduced to match the change in concentration.

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