Spotted Wing Drosophila Traps for SWD are installed at approximately 30 sites across Ontario (Figure 1). The monitoring program is coordinated by the OBGA with OMAFRA support. Here’s a summary of findings to date. 

Locations of SWD traps in Ontario, 2016

swd trap capture summary june 27

SWD flies have been trapped in the early regions of southern and Southwestern Ontario, beginning the week of June 6. So far counts are still very low – just a fly here and there- and mostly in wild hosts. wever, now that fruit is present on wild hosts in these areas (mulberries, wild raspberries, red elderberry, and early honeysuckle)  SWD will be building up. We also expect it is building up in overripe strawberries.

Strawberries, sweet cherries, and early ripening raspberries may now be at risk, especially in Niagara and southwestern Ontario.   Keep strawberries picked as clean as possible and renovate June bearing strawberries as soon as harvest is over.

Emergency use registrations are in place again this year for SWD control.


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