Did you know a quart basket may not be a quart?

Rebecca Amoah, Food Inspection Branch, OMAFRA

Did you know that the dark green plastic berry baskets advertised as 1 Quart (see Figure 1) are not true Quarts? These baskets hold less than 1 Quart, or 1.14 Litres, when filled level.

Ontario Regulation 119/11 Produce, Honey and Maple Products prohibits retailers from including any false or misleading information on any sign, label, package, or container of produce, including the amount of produce held in said package or container.

To avoid confusion and misrepresentation, please ensure that you advertise your berries for sale by the basket, container, or unit, rather than by the Quart. Consumers will be “berry” thankful for the clarity.

Figure 1: This straight-sided green mesh basket is not a true quart. 

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  1. Brian Young

    We have been selling as liters. Is that incorrect also?

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