Brown marmorated stink bug (BMSB) update – August 10

Hannah Fraser, Entomologist – Horticulture, OMAFRA

We continue to find BMSB at our hot spot locations.  All life stages are present.  So far, we have not found BMSB infesting any crops.  However it has been trapped at some of our agricultural survey locations, and in one case (Niagara), we have collected adults and nymphs in wild hosts adjacent to crops.  As numbers are increasing, it is very important to include BMSB and signs of stink bug injury in weekly scouting.  In addition, we have confirmed the presence of an established population in Toronto.  We have suspected the pest was established there following the identification of BMSB adults indoors over the last few years.  Several homeowners have now provided pictures and samples of BMSB nymphs over the last two weeks.  These reports have contributed significantly to our knowledge on the distribution of this pest in Ontario.


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