Activity of Fungicides on Grape Diseases, 2017

This table provides information on the relative activity of fungicides registered on grapes.

Use fungicides only for diseases listed on the product label.  Ratings in shaded cells indicate the disease is listed on the product label for control or suppression.  The additional information provided in this table is based on information from other areas.  It is intended to assist growers in choosing the best fungicide for control of pests listed on the product label, while managing resistance and avoiding unnecessary sprays for non-target pests.  Efficacy can be affected by the rate of the product.

New registrations and changes are bold.

Products that have been withdrawn are crossed out.

Rainfastness = drying time required before spray is rainfast.  Information on rainfastness was collected from labels or company representatives or tech sheets.  Contact fungicides, especially newer formulations, will have some rainfastness when dry but all are subject to washoff.

The number of applications is according to the label; the number in ( ) is the OMAFRA recommended number of applications for resistance management.  If a range of number of applications is given, the label lists a maximum amount of product per ha per year so the number of applications depends on the rate used.

Click here Activity of fungicides in grape 2017 for the activity table.




1 comment on “Activity of Fungicides on Grape Diseases, 2017

  1. Pam Fisher

    this is great info- I especially like the info about contact vs systemic!


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