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Activity of Fungicides and Bactericides on Pear Diseases, 2017

This table provides information on the relative activity of fungicides and bactericides registered on tender fruit.

The numbers within cells represent the relative efficacy of a product against a specific disease.  Increasing numbers equal greater effectiveness.  Cells shaded yellow indicate registered labeled uses in conventional production.  Cells shaded green indicate registered uses with Canadian Organic Certification (Always check with your certifier to confirm products are acceptable).  Cells that are white indicate activity versus diseases that are not on the Canadian label but are on labels elsewhere.  Always use the labeled rate and timing to avoid issues with residues.

Use products only for diseases listed on the product label.   The additional information provided in this table is based on information from other areas.  It is intended to assist growers in choosing the best fungicide for control of pests listed on the product label, while managing resistance and avoiding unnecessary sprays for non-target pests.  Efficacy can be affected by the rate of the product.

New registrations and changes are bold.

Click here for the Activity of Fungicides and Bactericides on Pear Diseases 2017 table.

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