SWD Update- July 7

This year we are doing a very small scale regional monitoring program. Use these results in addition to your own monitoring program to determine when SWD is present. Conduct a salt water test or a plastic baggie test to confirm presence. The monitoring program is coordinated by the OBGA.

Michigan and New York are catching SWD and have seen a jump in numbers this week, and one of our sites in Niagara has seen a jump this week as well. We expect the numbers to increase in other areas of the province this coming week so keep an eye on your fruit and have a management plan ready.

Week Traps Collected
# sites with SWD/ # sites checked
# SWD trapped
Ave # SWD/trap
Counties where SWD was found
Crops where SWD was trapped
June 26-30
Essex, Kent, Wellington, Brant, Niagara, Norfolk, Haldimand
Blueberry, Raspberry,

Wild host,

DN strawberry

July 1-7
122 females

13 males

4 SWD/trap
Essex, Kent, Wellington, Brant, Niagara, Norfolk, Haldimand, Stormont, Dundas & Glengary,


Raspberry, Blueberry, Haskap, Wild Host, DN strawberries,

Blackberries, strawberries


SWD has been identified in traps in Ontario, in Essex, Kent, Wellington, Brant, Niagara, Norfolk, and Haldimand , Stormont, Dundas & Glengary, and Ottawa/Carleton.

  • Check the SWD product registrations on our website. The Exirel label has been expanded to include SWD control on caneberries, and Mako and Malathion have received emergency use registration for this year again. The PHI for Entrust on bushberries is 1 day.
  • When SWD is present in your crop use regular sprays, thorough, clean harvest, and immediate post-harvest cooling to less than 5C or cooler.
  • We have found SWD in June bearing strawberries this week, a crop where SWD has not historically been a problem. If you are still harvesting strawberries make sure you are not picking soft fruit, and consider renovating early to protect other crops. Protect nearby raspberries with regular sprays.

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