BeeConnected is an app connecting registered beekeepers with registered farmers and spray contractors, enabling anonymous communication on the location of hives and crop protection product activities.

Farmers and contractors input information on their crop protection activities and beekeepers input the location of their hives. If they are within five km of each other, each party will receive a notification and they can communicate anonymously through an internal messaging system.

If they wish, farmers may also register the time and specific location of crop protection activities they are planning, such as the spray application of pesticides. Farmers can find their field by exploring near their current location, exploring near a registered property, or searching GoogleMaps. Switching between street and satellite view makes it easier to find specific fields using nearby roads and geographical features.

If a farmer registers an activity within 5 km of registered beehives, they will be notified, as will the beekeeper. The two parties can then exchange any further details using the secure messaging system.

The app is available free of charge through a web browser, the Apple App Store and Google Play.

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