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Using SINBAR® (80 WDG) PCP # 30082 in Strawberries

Kristen Obeid, OMAFRA Weed Management Specialist – Horticulture

With input from Ontario’s Berry Consultants

Click here for a pdf: Using SINBAR(R) in Strawberries 2018

SINBAR(80 WDG) can be used multiple times a year in strawberries at varying rates.  If you have just planted your strawberries you can use SINBAR at three different times within that year.  If you have strawberries in the harvesting year you can use SINBAR a maximum of two applications per year following rototilling or renovation.  These application timings are broken down in the chart below.

It is very important to wash SINBAR off the plants with rain or irrigation immediately following application to avoid injury (varieties have varying degrees of sensitivity).  If SINBAR is not washed off avoid applying when temperatures are above 25oC (77oF).

Do NOT replant treated areas to any crop within 2 years after the last application as injury to subsequent crops may occur.  To reduce replanting injury to subsequent crops, cultivate or plough soil thoroughly and conduct a field bioassay.



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