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Grape Pesticide Update, Spring 2019

This article provides information on new product registrations, label expansions, edits to Publication 360 and PMRA re-evaluations of pesticides used in vineyards.

New products:

XenTari WP is a Group 11 insecticide (BioProtec, Dipel) labeled for grape berry moth control.  The pre-harvest interval is 0 days and the restricted entry interval is 12 hours with a maximum of 6 applications season.  Because grape berry moth is a direct pest of grape, Bt products should be used in combination with mating disruption whenever possible.

Harvanta 50 SL is a Group 28 insecticide (Altacor), labeled for Grape berry moth, Spotted Wing Drosophila.  The pre-harvest interval is 7 days and the restricted entry interval is 12 hours with a maximum of 3 applications per season.  This product should be rotated with insecticides other than Altacor for resistance management.


Serifel is a Group 44 fungicide (Serenade, Double Nickel) labeled for suppression of powdery mildew and bunch rot.  The pre-harvest interval is 0 days and the restricted entry interval is when dry and there are no maximum applications listed on the label.  BASF recommends integrating Serifel into a control program rather than using it as a stand-alone product.  Do not tank mix with or use Serifel within 7-10 days with mancozeb products or Polyram.  Contact BASF for more information on tank mixing.

Diplomat 5 SC is a Group 19 fungicide (novel chemistry) labeled for control of powdery mildew control and bunch rot suppression.  The pre-harvest interval is 0 days and the restricted entry interval is when dry with a maximum of 3 L of product per ha per season (up to 8 applications depending on rate).  Resistance risk is medium, so this product should be rotated with other fungicide groups.

The Sirocco label now includes suppression of Botrytis bunch rot.  Data generated in the sour rot research project supported this expansion.  In research trials, when clusters infected with bunch rot were sprayed with Sirocco, the infected berries shrivelled and dried up and stopped the progress of bunch rot.

Entrust, Success and Malathion 85E are now labeled for control of spotted wing drosophila.  These products should provide control of all Drosophila species.

Envidor:  final sale 2020; last farm use December 2023

Publication 360 Edits

Fullback for black rot control was added to 3-5 leaves in addition to later growth stages.

Fracture is listed for controlof bunch rot rather than suppression.

Kopa was added for European red mite and two spotted spider mite.

Phostrol, Polyram and Rampart should be included in Table 4-3 Activity of Fungicides.  Activity of Phostrol and Rampart is the same as Confine Extra and Polyram is the same as Mancozeb.

PMRA Pesticide Re-Evaluations

The Pesticide Act states all products must be re-evaluated on a 15-year rotation.  PMRA reviews available scientific information, information provided by pesticide registrants, other federal or provincial departments and information published in scientific literature to make re-evaluation decisions.  There are several components of re-evaluations including environmental impacts and worker and dietary exposure.  The following re-evaluations have been completed or are proposed for grapevine:

Up-Cyde, Mako and Nexter:  all uses retained, increased downwind buffer zones to aquatic habitats and PPE requirements for applicators (refer to labels for details)

Forum, Zampro:  all uses retained, same REI and PHI

Rovral: last farm use June 2021

Quintec:  last farm use June 2021.

Polyram:  last sale of product with current label June 2021, last farm use to be determined.

Admire, Clutch:  PMRA final decision based on pollinator health: last sale of current label April 2021; last farm use date to be determined..  This date may be altered (earlier) pending the outcome of the final aquatic invertebrates decision.

Folpan:  PMRA proposed:  all formulations to be in solupac; maximum 1 application per season at 1.25 kg/ha; 25-day restricted entry interval for hand harvest, training, leaf removal; effective date unknown.

Maestro, Supra Captan:  all formulations to be in solupac; maximum 3 applications at 2.4 kg a.i./ha (current is unlimited applications at 1.6 kg a.i./ha); and 55-day restricted entry interval for training, leaf pulling and hand harvest (current is 7 days); last sale of current label May 2020, last farm use to be determined.

All products containing mancozeb (Dithane Rainshield, Manzate ProStick, Penncozeb, Gavel, Ridomil Gold MZ):  PMRA proposed last date of sale of current label December 2021, last farm use to be determined.

Ontario Fruit and Vegetable Growers Association, the Grape Growers of Ontario and industry task forces for captan and mancozeb are working with PMRA to address some of their concerns regarding these products to try to keep these valuable tools.  Stay tuned!

While every attempt has been made to ensure that the information regarding ‘last dates of sale’ and ‘last dates of farm use’ is accurate and up-to-date, it is the responsibility of the user to confirm with the registrants of pest control products that the dates are correct and current.



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