The attached pdf contains information on new products and product updates for berry crop protection for 2019- updated May 24, 2019.

Read this PDF Additions and New Uses for Berry Protection in 2019 V2 for a table including timing, rate, pre-harvest intervals, and restricted-entry intervals on these new products and updates:

Cormoran is a coformulation of the active ingredients of Assail (Group 4A) and Rimon (Group 15).  It is labelled on:

  • blueberries for control of cherry fruitworm, Japanese beetle, aphids, blueberry maggot, tipworm, and gall midge.
  • currants and gooseberry for control of aphids and Japanese beetle.
  • Saskatoon berries for control of spanworm, Japanese beetle, and aphids.
  • strawberries for control of strawberry aphids, potato leafhoppers, strawberry clipper weevil, and tarnished plant bug.

Cormoran should be applied in a minimum spray volume of 200 L/ha. Maximum 2 applications of Group 4A per season.

Malathion 85E is fully registered for suppression of spotted wing drosophila in blueberries, strawberries, Saskatoon berries, and raspberries.

Scorpio Ant and Insect Bait is registered for suppression of spotted wing drosophila in blueberries, raspberries and strawberries. This is a different use pattern for SWD management and there is limited experience with this product in Ontario.

New rates of Tivano for suppression of angular leaf spot and powdery mildew in strawberries.

Note BRAVO has a 30 day PHI for strawberries (correction on page 173 and 185 of Pub 360).

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