ONfruit currently offers a range of production and pest management information for a variety of fruit crops grown in Ontario. Followers who subscribe to receive email notifications when a new blog is posted can now update their preferences to get timely information specific to only the crop groups (ie., apples, berries, grapes, tender fruit) they are interested in.

Update Your Preferences

If already an ONfruit subscriber, simply select “Update Your Preferences” at the bottom of the latest email notification. From there, confirm your email address, select the crops of interest (default is everything) and click Update Profile. It’s that easy!

If you don’t have a recent email notification, simply re-enter your email in the subscription bar on the ONfruit homepage, select the crops of interest and your existing profile will be updated.

New Subscriber?

Welcome! Join the over 500 subscribers by entering your email address in the subscription bar on the right side of the ONfruit homepage. Select all crops you would like to receive email notifications for when a new blog has been posted. If you are interested in all the information ONfruit has to offer, select “Everything”. Once finished selecting crops, click “Subscribe” to complete your profile. Watch for new posts to come right to your inbox.

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