Orchard Network Newsletter- August 2019

Here is the pdf version of the August Issue of the Orchard Network Newsletter: Orchard Network Newsletter- August Issue

In this issue…

Orchard Management

  • Ethylene Production of Different Apple Cultivars
  • Wild Bee Communities
  • Optimizing Red Colour in Apples
  • Cool Spring Weather Effects on Apple Size and Maturation

Crop Protection

  • What’s Your Apple IPM Card?
  • A Brief Look at Maryblyt and Cougar Blight as Predictive Models of Fire Blight Infection
  • Rainfastness of Insecticides and Fungicides on Fruit
  • Fashionably Late: Apple Pests at Harvest


  • Harvesting Apples at Optimum Maturity for Storage
  • Storage of ‘Honeycrisp’ Apples
  • Internal Browning in ‘Gala’ Apples

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