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Update on Pesticide Re-evaluations for Tender Fruit, March 2020

The following is a summary of changes to pesticides for tender fruit based on PMRA re-evaluations. Product that is still in grower stores can be used until the dates below:

Product that is still in grower stores can be used until the dates below:


PMRA Decision Last Farm Use

June 21, 2021
Dec. 14, 2021
June 20, 2021 (corporate decision)
Granuflo-T (also Scoot)
Dec. 14, 2021
Maestro WDG, Supra Captan WDG
May 11, 2021. Can be used with current REI’s until this date
April 11, 2021
April 11, 2021
April 11, 2021 for all pests except BMSB
No more production. (Corteva corporate decision)

Available while supplies last at dealers.

This year, existing Bravo and Echo must be used according to the table below:

Crop PMRA Decision re Bravo and Echo, Effective for 2020 growing season
Rate/Apps REI
Sweet and tart cherry 5-9 L/ha (from 7.5 L)

2.8-5 kg/ha

2 apps white bud through shuck split

Both 1 post harvest app for tart cherry

Only Echo 1 post harv app for sweet

Hand thinning: 8 d (from 2 d)
Peach/nectarine 5-9 L/ha (from 7.5 L)

2.8-5.9 kg/ha

2 apps pink through shuck split

Fall spray only for peach leaf curl

Hand thinning: 11 d

Maestro WDG and Supra Captan WDG are not available for sale in 2020. Existing supplies can be used until May 10, 2021 using the REI and use patterns on the current label. Only WSP formulations will be available for sale this growing season.

Crop PMRA Decision for Supra Captan WSP and Maestro WSP
Rate/Max Apps REI
Peach, Nectarine, Apricot, Plum 4 kg/ha (from 4.5 kg)

1 app/year

Hand thinning: 29 days

Harvest: 15 days

Sweet cherry, Tart cherry 4 kg/ha (from 4.5 kg)

2 apps/year

1 bloom through harvest

1 post harvest

Hand thinning: 29 d

Hand harvest: 15 d

Pears – Standard Trees (canopy > 2 m wide) 3 kg/ha (from 3.75 kg)

2 apps/year

1 before fruit thinning

1 after thinning

Hand thinning: 24 d

Summer prune: 4 d

Harvest: 19 d

Other: 2 d

Pears – High Density Trees (canopy < 2 m wide) 3 kg/ha (from 3.75 kg)

10 apps/year

Hand thinning: 15 d

Summer prune: 6 d

Harvest: 15 d

Other: 2 d

The following new products and label expansions are available for 2020:

Active Ingredient
acetamiprid + novaluron (4A+15)
OFM, plum curculio, cherry fruit fly (suppression)
all stone fruit
permethrin (3)
Malathion 85E
malathion (1B)
SWD suppression
all stone fruit
mineral oil (NC)
ERM, two-spotted spider mite, aphids
all stone fruit, pears
sulfoxaflor + spinetoram (4C+5)
black cherry aphid
sweet cherry
UP-Cyde 2.5EC
permethrin (3)
Oriental fruit moth




A pdf version of this information is available: TF pesticide re-evaluations

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