It has been a cool May and temperatures have been below normal, with degree day accumulations running behind normal averages as of May 18, 2020. However, warmer temperatures are moving into the area, and as a result crop development will progress quickly.


Peaches finishing bloom in West Niagara

Frost Damage

Frost damage to blossoms from several nights of freezing temperatures can be found in some tender fruit crops (plums, apricot, tart cherries, peaches). Frost damage varies between growing regions,  crops, and varieties, with the greatest frost damage  being reported in southwestern Ontario (-2.2° C in Harrow), Norfolk (-4.5° C in Simcoe), Beamsville and Fonthill. It is still too early to know the full impact of the frost on fruit set and yields. Cool temperatures during bloom may have affected pollination, impacting June drop. However, currently the frost damage to blossoms is expected to have minimal impact on tender fruit yields.

Crop Development:


Peaches and Nectarine-petal fall

Plum-petal fall

Apricot-shuck split

Fresh grapes-bud break

Vinifera grapes-bud swell

Hybrids-buds breaking/1st leaves

tart cherries-bloom


Niagara Parkway:

Peaches and Nectarine-petal fall

Early golden Plums-bloom

Pears-full bloom

Fresh grape-2 -3 small leaves

Early hybrid grapes-close to 1st leaf

Vinifera grapes-bud swell

Tart cherry-bloom


Cedar Springs: Apricots-petal fall

Peaches-petal fall

Tart cherries-full bloom


Simcoe: tart cherries-bloom


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