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New fungicide for stone fruit growers

The fungicide, Miravis Duo, is now labelled for control of blossom blight, brown rot and peach scab in all stone fruit crops. 

Miravis Duo is a suspension concentrate coformulation of the Group 3 fungicide, difenoconazole (active ingredient in Inspire) and the second-generation Group 7, pydiflumetofen.  Both products are locally systemic.  Miravis Duo should be used protectively only, before symptoms are visible. For resistance management, this product should not be rotated with any other fungicides containing Group 3 or Group 7.

No specific tank mix instructions are provided on the label. The user should contact Syngenta Canada Inc. at 1-87-SYNGENTA (1-877-964-3682) for information before mixing any pesticide or fertilizer that is not specifically recommended on this label. The user assumes the risk of losses that result from the use of tank mixes that do not appear on this label or that are not specifically recommended by Syngenta Canada Inc.

The Restricted entry interval is 12 hours and it has a 0-day Pre-harvest interval.

The full label for Miravis Duo is available on the PMRA label website at https://pr-rp.hc-sc.gc.ca/1_1/view_label?p_ukid=168119112.

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