Orchard Network Newsletter – December 2020

Here is the December 2020 Orchard Network Newsletter: Orchard Network Newsletter – December Issue

In This Issue…

Orchard Management

  • At the Root of Production: Rootstock Impacts on Growth and Yield
  • Re-Evaluation Round-Up: Updates on Recent Registration Decisions Impacting Apple Growers

Crop Protection

  • What’s New in 2021 for Publication 360A – Crop Protection Guide for Apples
  • Look Familiar? Apple Mosaic Virus in Ontario Orchards
  • Parasitism and Development of Degree Day Model for Apple Leafcurling Midge
  • Using Genetic Tests to Confirm Herbicide Resistant Weeds in Ontario Horticulture Crops: 2020 Project Summary
  • Spotted Lanternfly Getting Too Close for Comfort!

Post Harvest

  • Lenticel Breakdown in Apples: From the Orchard to Storage
  • Risk of Storage Disorders in Apples for 2020-21 Storage Season


  • Participate in Study Monitoring Pathogen in Orchards Using Bees
  • New Book on Air-Assisted Spraying Available Soon

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