PMRA has approved the expansion of the Altacor label to include peach tree borer and lesser peach tree borer in all stone fruit.

Altacor (chlorantraniliprole), a Group 28 insecticide, can now be used to control peach tree borer and lesser peach tree borer at a rate of 215-285 g/ha in a maximum of 2000 L/ha water. It should be applied to the trunk (to 1.5 m) and lower branches using a coarse spray.

Like other borer sprays, thorough coverage is critical. Pheromone traps should be used to monitor adult activity and sprays begin 1 week after peak flight. A foliar application of any of these products designed for fruit pests will NOT give adequate coverage to provide protection from borers. A second application may be necessary if borer flight is extended.

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