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Fire Blight Management Webinar: Available On-Demand

Recording of the February 3, 2021 presentation by Dr George Sundin from Michigan State University is now posted on the OFVC website.

Unable to attend the live presentation, Fire Blight Management in High Density Orchards on February 3, 2021? The recorded webinar is now available.

This webinar covered new research to improve your fire blight management, including fire blight life cycle and activity, blossom and shoot blight prevention, and incorporating plant growth regulators, copper and biological controls into conventional programs.

Speaker Dr. George Sundin (Michigan State University) focuses on the Erwinia amylovora fire blight pathosystem with projects ranging from basic studies of pathogen-host interactions to developing improved chemical and biological approaches for fire blight management.

Recorded presentations for the OFVC Educational Series are now available on the OFVC website for viewing anytime. Videos will be uploaded every two weeks.

For quick links to videos that may be of interest to fruit growers, check out the blog post below (updated as videos become available):

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