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Upcoming webinar Peach Fertilizer Optimization

Presentation: Peach Fertilization Optimization, Kathryn Carter, Tejendra Chapagain (OMAFRA) and Christoph Kessel (formerly of OMAFRA)

Date: March 18, 2021 noon to 1 pm


The productivity of fruit trees is influenced by tree nutrition. Lack of Nitrogen can result in reduction in tree growth, and reduced yields. Excess Nitrogen can result in excessive vigour, delay maturity and decrease fruit colouration.

Ontario’s peach fertilizer recommendations have not been amended in decades, despite changes in production systems (reduced tree spacing) and production practices. The goal of this project is the collect data to refine OMAFRA’s nutrient recommendations for peaches.

This live presentation will be recorded.


Kathryn Carter is the Fruit Specialist (Tender fruit and Grape) for the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs (OMAFRA). Kathryn’s current research focuses on evaluating stone fruit rootstocks for their suitability in Ontario orchards, and improving fertilizer programs in orchards and vineyards. Kathryn has worked with OMAFRA for the past 18 years, where she has been involved in research projects and transferring production information to growers and the agricultural industry. Kathryn has a MSc. in Environmental Biology from University of Guelph, and a BSc. from Brock University.

Dr. Tejendra Chapagain is a new Soil Fertility Specialist with OMAFRA based in Guelph. He is responsible for soil fertility related issues and management practices in horticultural crops. He received his master’s degree in Horticulture from Nepal; first Ph.D. in Sustainable Agriculture from University of Tokyo; and a second Ph.D. in Plant Science/Crop Agronomy from University of British Columbia (UBC). He also worked as a post doctoral research agronomist at the University of Alberta and most recently as a Senior Research Associate in the Department of Plant Agriculture at the University of Guelph focusing on cover crops, conservation tillage, crop rotation systems, precision agronomy and agroecology.

Registration link: https://zoom.us/meeting/register/tJMsfu-trD4iG9Qz8jRQzmqVZulqlRtSBldU

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