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OFVC Educational Series: Videos Now On-Demand

OFVC Educational Series videos from January to March are now available

Unable to participate in one of the live webinars from the OFVC Educational Series? All recorded presentations are now available on the OFVC website for viewing anytime.

Use the buttons below to jump to videos that may be of interest to fruit growers:

Tree Fruit

Niagara Irrigation Initiatives Update (Sarah Marshall, Ontario Tender Fruit Growers)

Rainfastness, Persistence & Performance Attributes of Insecticides for Tree Fruit IPM (John Wise, Michigan State University)

Fire Blight Management in High Density Orchards (George Sundin, Michigan State University)

Consumer-Driven Apple Breeding and Commercialization (Rachael LeBlanc, Vineland Research & Innovation Centre)

Tree Fruit and Fresh Grape Scouting and Introduction (Michael Kauzlaric and Phillip Stephan, Vineland Research and Innovation Centre)

Permit to Take Water- Electronic Application Workshop (MECP)

Effective Tree Fruit Spraying: What Can Go Wrong and How to Get it Right (David Manktelow, Applied Research and Technologies)

COVID 19 Happened. Now What? The Pandemic’s Legacy on the Fruit and Vegetable Industry (Sylvain Charlebois, Dalhousie University)

Labour Update for 2021 (Stefan Larass, OFVGA)


Crop-Adapted Spraying: A Three Year Study in Highbush Blueberry (Jason Deveau, OMAFRA)

Weed Management in June Bearing Strawberries (Gavin Graham, Government of New Brunswick)

Long Cane Raspberry Production (Eric Boot, BVB Substrates)

Blueberry Disease Management (Timothy Miles, Michigan State University)

Strawberry Substrate Production Systems (Erica Pate, OMAFRA)

Neopestalotiopsis spp. An Emerging Disease for North American Strawberry Growers (Katie Goldenhar, OMAFRA)

Where Are We After 10 Years of Spotted Wing Drosophila (Hannah Burrack, North Carolina State University)


Vineyard Profits: How Do You Measure Up? (John Molenhuis, OMAFRA)

Effective Grape Spraying: What Can Go Wrong and How to Get it Right (David Manktelow, Applied Research and Technologies)

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