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New Episode of What’s Growing ON?

OMAFRA's Wendy McFadden-Smith and Melanie Filotas give the inside scoop on scouting how-to's in the latest episode of What's Growing ON? podcast.

Season 2 Episode 6: Scouting Tips & Tricks

In this episode, Kristy chats with fellow OMAFRA Horticulture IPM Specialists, Wendy McFadden-Smith (tender fruit and grape) and Melanie Filotas (specialty crops) to talk about the importance of regular pest scouting, from how often and how much to what to look for and where in perennial crops.

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Check out the Ontario CropIPM website for more information on scouting as well as identification, biology and management of key pests in horticultural crops grown in Ontario. For videos on Ontario horticulture, visit the ONhortcrops YouTube channel.

Accessible format available upon request.

Music: Aspire by Scott Holmes

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