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Update on Pesticides for Grapes, 2021

Grape growers face some challenges with the results of PMRA re-evaluations of some products but there are new options available as well in 2021. In collaboration with Ryan Brewster, Brewster Consulting Services Inc., this post provides a list of changes for 2021.

Most of the changes listed here have been incorporated into Publication 360C. However, additions or changes made after October 2020 did not make it into the book.

Last farm use

Admire and Clutch are still allowed on grapevine after re-evaluation.

Label changes as a result of re-evaluation

Only WSP formulations of captan will be available for sale for use on grapes in 2021.  Existing supplies of captan products may be used according to the existing label only until May 1, 2021.  New restrictions for use of captan products with respect to rate, number of applications per year and restricted entry intervals (REI) are listed in the table below.

New products and additions to Publication 360C, 2021


Classification P stands for Plant defense inducer and BM stands for Biological with multiple modes of action.

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