Welcome to the first berry bulletin of the 2022 season!

In this bulletin:

  • Ontario Crop Protection Hub
  • Crop Update
  • Strawberry disease diagnosis testing
  • Product Update

Ontario Crop Protection Hub: The Ontario Crop Protection Hub is now available and ready for growers to access the latest crop protection information: Ontario.ca/cropprotection.

This Hub is replacing PDF and print crop protection publications (including Pub 360). Join a virtual workshop for berry growers April 19th at 7pm, to see a demonstration and learn how to use the Hub. Please register in advance here: https://us06web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tJEtduisqT4rHdBKB25OPM0pv801v33N7bk3

Crop Update:

Strawberries: Straw is coming off strawberries. Bravo or Echo can be applied soon for botrytis control to reduce disease inoculum and help with disease management later in the season. Apply two applications if possible, 10 days apart. Make sure to get these applications on before bloom with the 30-day PHI. If applying Agri-mek make sure to keep a 10-14 day gap between Agri-mek applications and chlorothalonil or captan applications.

Following an anthracnose fungicide resistance survey and fungicide efficacy trial in 2021 we have updated our anthracnose management suggestions. Although it is early in the season, anthracnose management can start early with fungicide applications before bloom and nitrogen management. Disease management recommendations include:

  • Start new fields with clean plants.
  • Don’t let the plant canopy get too thick. Avoid over-application of nitrogen.
  • Apply chlorothalonil or captan before bloom for botrytis control.
  • As much as possible apply broad spectrum fungicides during bloom.
  • Do not rely on group 11 products alone for anthracnose control.
  • Work in older fields last.

See below for Suggestions for Anthracnose Management in Strawberries, 2022.

Blueberries: are looking good coming through the winter, and growers have been busy pruning. The first fertilizer application should be going on now. Older bushes (6 years+) require 36-48 g of actual nitrogen per bush. Applied in a split application 18 g of nitrogen can be applied now, followed by a second application mid-May and a third in early July.

Raspberries: Ferbam is no longer registered for use on raspberries. Lime sulphur can be applied before ¼ inch green, or use Tanos prebloom for early season disease control.

Neopestalotiopsis: The University of Guelph Agri-Food Lab can now detect this new species for strawberry growers. Samples cost approximately $120 per sample and results will be provided in 5-10 days. For more information on submitting samples check out www.afl.uoguelph.ca/submitting-samples or contact Katie Goldenhar (katie.goldenhar@ontario.ca) or I (erica.pate@ontario.ca) if you have samples you would like to test.

Product update for berry growers:

New pesticides and uses have been registered for berry growers since last season. Here is a quick look at a few of the new products berry growers can use in 2022:

Product (active ingredient)GroupCropPestsComments
Product (active ingredient)GroupCropPestsComments
Miravis Neo (pydiflumetofen+ Azoxystrobin +propiconazole)   PCP#33391  7+3+ 11Blueberry  Anthracnose, Mummy BerryRate: 0.75 L/ha REI: 12 hours PHI: 30 days
Zampro (Ametoctradin + Dimethomorph)   PCP#30321  45+40BlackberryDowny Mildew (suppression only)Rate: 0.8-1.0 L/ha REI:12 hours PHI: 14 days
Evito (fluoxastrobin)   PCP# 3040811StrawberryAnthracnoseRate: 146-280 mL/ha REI: 12 hours PHI: 0 days
Product (active ingredient)GroupCropPestsComments
Closer (sulfloxaflor)   PCP# 308264CBushberryAphids, Leafhoppers (suppression only)Rate: Aphids: 100-200 mL/ha Leafhoppers: 200-400 mL/ha REI: 12 hours PHI: 1 day
Entrust (spinosad)   PCP# 30382  5BlueberryBlueberry maggot (suppression only)Rate: 219-440 mL/ha REI: 1 day PHI: when dry
Danitol (fenpropathrin)   PCP# 338173CaneberryJapanese beetle, Leafhoppers, Spotted wing drosophilaRate: 779-1169 mL/ha REI: handset irrigation: 17 days Tying, hand harvesting: 15 days Scouting, hand weeding: 7 days All other activities: 24 hours PHI: 15 days
Product (active ingredient)GroupCropPestsComments
Dual II Magnum (S-Metolachlor)   PCP# 2572915CaneberryPre-emergent to labelled weedsRate: 1.15-1.75 L/ha REI: 12 hours PHI: 28 days

Product cancellations:

Following re-evaluations cancellations and changes have been made to the following products:

Crop (post)
Product: Ferbam 76 WDG (20136)
Blueberry (Botrytis) Raspberry and Blackberry (Anthracnose, spur blight)
Registration is cancelled on all uses and has been phased-out. Growers can no longer use this product(effective December 14, 2021).  
Product: Granuflo T (30548)
Strawberry (botrytis)
Registration is cancelled on all uses and has been phased-out. Growers can no longer use this product (effective December 14, 2021).  
Alias, Actara, Admire- soil applications
Admire, Alias: Raspberry, strawberry, blueberry, Saskatoon berry (larvae of the European chafer & larvae of Japanese beetle)   Actara: Blueberry, Saskatoon berry (brown marmorated stink bug), Strawberry (black vine weevil adults)
All soil applications of these products have been cancelled. Berry growers can no longer apply these as a soil application. The last date of use for growers is April 11, 2022.

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