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New products and changes to pesticides for tender fruit, 2022

New products


  • new Group U13
  • control of powdery mildew in cherries

Ship 250 SC:

  • Same a.i. as UP-Cyde
  • Same rates, use patterns and target pests for peach, nectarine
  • Labeled for plum curculio only on plum – no Oriental fruit moth
  • Labeled for pear psylla and codling moth only on pear – no Oriental fruit moth, tarnished plant bug, leafrollers

Spiro SC:

  • Same a.i. as Envidor but slightly higher concentration so rate per ha is slightly lower at 710 mL/ha
  • Same use patterns and target pests for stone fruit and pear

Theme 480 SC:

  • Same a.i. as Calypso
  • Same rates, use patterns and for codling moth, plum curculio and oriental fruit moth for pear
  • Not labeled for pear psylla or Japanese beetle

Label expansions and changes


  • Control of Peachtree borer and Lesser Peachtree borer
  • Apply to trunk and lower scaffold only
  • 3 applications (trunk and scaffolds only)
  • 10-day intervals

Malathion 85 E

  • Rate increased to 855-2,500 mL/ha for control of SWD
  • Sweet and tart cherries only
  • No longer labeled on other stone fruit for SWD

BioProtec Plus, Dipel, Xentari

  • REI 4 hr, down from 12 hr

Beleaf 50 SG

  • Suppression of Tarnished Plant Bug in stone fruit and Pear

Harvanta 50 SL

  • Stone fruit and pear
  • Maximum apps per season 3, down from 5

Perm-UP, Pounce

  • Maximum 2 apps per season, previously unlimited


  • REI for general entry 48 hr from 12 hrs

No longer labeled in 2022

Clutch (last use April 11, 2022)

Ferbam (last use Dec 14, 2021)

Granuflo-T (last use Dec 14, 2021)

Future label changes for 2023



  • 17-day PHI
  • Max 1 application
  • Use before thinning
  • REI 4 days for scouting

Tart cherries

  • Max 1 application
  • REI 17 days for hand harvest
  • REI 12 hours general


  • Max 2 applications
  • REI 22 days for harvest
  • REI 9 days for pruning


  • 4 day REI for hand thinning
  • 12 hr REI for other activities


  • 12 hr REI for all activities

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