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NASGA Summer Tour- Coming to Ontario August 16th & 17th, 2022

This year’s tour will feature 8 very different farms all with great stories to tell and fantastic operations to see and learn from.  Most of the featured farms have been active NASGA members and are very progressive innovative growers.  There is so much to see in a short time we will be challenged to stay on schedule.  We hope you will join us in Ontario for this memorable tour.

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Highlights of our tour stops

Herrle Country Farm Market

An Excellent June Strawberry grower with a fabulous Farm Market selling their own produce as well as produce from neighboring growers.

Heeman’s Strawberries and Greenhouse

With 70+ acres of berries, state-of-the-art greenhouses, and a new Cidery in the works there is no shortage of things to see at this bustling farm.

Howe Family Farm Market

Growers of strawberries, watermelons, cantaloupe, squash, pumpkins, beans and garden vegetables, etc. grown for their own market and for wholesale.  In recent years Howe’s established a tunnel for tabletop substrate strawberry production and in 2021 added a new 6 acre block.

Strawberry Tyme Farms Inc

Strawberry Tyme Farms have added tunnel grown tabletop strawberries and long cane raspberries to their outdoor cropping of June and day neutral strawberry production. They also grow strawberry plants destined for southern growers each fall.

Blueberry Knoll Berry Farm

An excellent strawberry, raspberry and blueberry operation that focuses on soil health and it shows in the quality and health of their plantings.  Their on-farm bakery turns the berries into some wonderful baked goods.

Fenwick Berry Farm

Innovation is very apparent at Fenwick Berry Farm crops includes June and day neutral strawberry production, long cane raspberries, table top strawberries, blueberries, tender fruit, garlic and more.  Recently they added nursery production of long cane raspberries and plug and tray plants of strawberry.

Tigchelaar Berry Farm

Excellent day neutral strawberry growers with a large acreage of both day neutrals and June bearing strawberries.  Tigchelaar’s grow many of their plugs for fall planting and are delving into tabletop production. 

Springridge Farm

The farm sits atop the Niagara escarpment and has breathtaking views making it a destination for customers.  The market and bakery have a tremendous assortment of produce, baked goods, prepared foods and gifts. 

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