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CFIA authorizes New York State nurseries as an approved source for grapevines

Ontario grape growers who want to purchase virus-certified grape vines, now have more options.

In addition to purchasing grapevines from Ontario nurseries that are participants in the CGCN Interim verification program, CFIA recently announced that grapevines purchased from nurseries participating in the New York Virus-Tested Plant Material Certification program can be imported to Canada.

New York Virus-Tested Plant Material Certification Program

New York’s Virus-Tested Plant Material Certification program is nursery-focused. Nurseries bring in foundation, virus-tested, clean budwood (scion) and cutting (rootstock) material (called “G1” material) from foundation sources that are part of the National Clean Plant Network (NCPN) in the United States. The G1 plants are the “cleanest of the clean,” and many are derived from tissue-cultured material produced after therapeutic treatments eliminated existing viruses. 

Certain nurseries bulk up this material to produce the desired planting stocks. This is done in increase blocks (referred to as “G2 blocks”). Staff from the New York Department of Agriculture collect leaf samples for regular ongoing testing of the increase block (G2) at the nursery to catch any virus introductions. New York has established a system to test 25% of all vines in the increase block each year. Over four years 100% of the vines in the increase block will be tested. Samples are submitted to the Fuchs’ virology lab at Cornell University, in Geneva, New York. 

New York currently certifies Virus-Tested Vitis sp. (grapes) and Malus sp. (apple).

The following nurseries are participants in the New York State Virus-Tested Plant Material Certification Program and have vines available to order for 2023. Each participant maintains registered G2, G3 blocks and/or certified nursery plantings.

Amberg Grapevines LLC, 2399 Wheat Road Clifton Springs, NY 14432 (315) 462-3288 https://www.amberggrapevines.com/

Hermann J. Wiemer Vineyard, 3962 Route 14 Dundee, NY 14837 (607) 243-7971  https://www.wiemer.com/nursery/

Double A Vineyards, 10317 Christy Rd, Fredonia, NY 14063 (716) 672-8493 https://doubleavineyards.com/2010-protocol-grapes-for-sale

Note: Amberg and Wiemer will ship vines via UPS. Orders must be picked up from Double A.

How can Ontario growers access NY virus-certified vines?

Growers importing the grapevines from these New York nurseries are responsible for applying for the Permit to Import, which can be done through their MyCFIA account. The applicant/importer in possession of the permit is then responsible for providing this information to the exporter or broker. Typically, it would then be up to the exporter to request the phytosanitary certificate (including any required additional declarations). You can find some additional information on the import process here: Plant and Plant Products Import Primer.

If you have any questions, please contact your local CFIA office.

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