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June 29 Berry Bulletin

In this bulletin:

  • Crop Update
  • Spotted wing drosophila
  • AgRobotics Field Tour and Demonstration
  • NASGA summer tour

Strawberries:  June-bearing strawberry harvest is in full swing this week as we head into the long weekend. Mid-season varieties are being picked and late varieties like Valley Sunset are beginning to be picked. Malwina is at the bloom- green fruit stage.  Many areas received rain at the beginning of the week although the amount of rain was variable across the provinces.

Diseases from the recent rain and irrigation for frost protection earlier this season are showing up including botrytis and angular leaf spot. Note where cyclamen mite is an issue and plan to apply a miticide after renovation to that field or block. Renovate as soon as harvest is over to help manage SWD- do not wait for late varieties to be harvested to renovate earlier blocks.

In new fields aphid control continues to be very important to control viruses (in new fields and established fields). Rotate through different products- options include Cygon/Lagon/Diamante, Admire, Assail, Cormoran, Exirel, Sivanto Prime, and Beleaf. Admire can only be applied to non-bearing plants or after bloom. Check the youngest, folded leaves to find aphids. Once the population starts to increase it is time for another spray, likely every 3-4 weeks. If the population begins to build up after a spray, consider making another application. Also watch for potato leafhoppers and hopper burn (leaf curl, yellowing) on new plants.

Day-Neutrals: Once day-neutrals are at the bloom-green fruit stage it’s time to watch for tarnished plant bug and begin regular fungicide applications for powdery mildew, botrytis, and anthracnose. At this point group Ms (Captan/Maestro) are a good option for botrytis control as it will provide broad-spectrum disease control, and has a 6-day REI, limiting its use closer to harvest. Do not rely on group 11s alone for anthracnose control.  

Continue to remove runners every few weeks as they are taking energy away from the plant.

Blueberries: Are at green fruit- ripening and bird netting is beginning to go up. Check for aphids on the underside of new leaves.

Raspberries:  Growers are beginning to pick raspberries in Southern Ontario.  There has been low insect pressure but potato leafhoppers are starting to show up; check the underside of leaves in primocane-fruiting raspberries and new fields. Growers should start planning to control for SWD. Keep your fields picked clean and cool fruit after harvest.

Spotted wing drosophila monitoring: Spotted wing drosophila traps have been set up in Norfolk, Elgin, Middlesex, Chatham-Kent, Oxford, Niagara, Waterloo, Wellington, Dundas, and Renfrew. So far no SWD have been found, but SWD has been caught in New York, and growers should start planning to control for SWD. Renovate June-bearing strawberries as soon as harvest is over.  See last week’s bulletin or the Ontario Crop protection Hub for the list of registered products.

AgRobotics Field Tour and Demonstration

Field Tour July 5th – Starting at Haggerty Creek – BOTHWELL

To register: 2023 AgRobotics Jul 5 Field Tour (

Field Demonstration July 12th – Starting at Ontario Crops Research Station – BRADFORD

To register: 2023 AgRobotics Jul 12 Demo Day (

NASGA summer tour: The summer tour is scheduled for August 15-16th in Mount Laurel, New Jersey. Visit for more information and to register.

Happy Canada Day!

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