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Mealybugs are on the move!

Weekly monitoring of Niagara vineyards indicates that the summer generation of mealybugs has hatched and are moving out from under the bark of the trunks.  If you know that mealybugs are present in a vineyard block, make sure that all work is done in mealybug-free blocks first and then progress to blocks with mealybug.  The small instars can get caught on workers’ clothing or even machinery and be introduced to new blocks.  Products registered for control of mealybugs include Movento, Malathion, insecticidal soaps, and some oil products.  Movento will translocate to the trunk to kill mealybugs that are under the bark.  The other products work by contact of exposed instars.  Refer to the Crop Protection Hub for rates and information*&pe=f2c0fb1c-d7b1-46e2-b9c1-34dec85fe1e5.

tiny brown first instar nymphs.  one mark on ruler = 1 mm

First instar nymphs collected on double-sided tape on vine trunks. 1 unit on the ruler equals 1 mm.

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