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Danny Jefferies joins OMAFRA as Soil Management Specialist

Danny Jefferies has joined the Agriculture Development Branch at OMAFRA as the Soil Management Specialist for Horticulture. In this position, Danny is responsible to lead technology transfer in the assessment of new, emerging, or existing practices, products, technology, and research related to soil management in horticulture. He will work to coordinate projects designed to assess the applicability of new or existing practices, products, technology, research, programs, and policies to Ontario conditions, including best management practices. He began his role on May 29, 2023 and is based out of the Ridgetown College office.

Most recently, Danny worked as a Precision Ag Consultant for Deveron in Ontario. In this role he consulted with farmers regarding seed and fertility recommendations utilizing precision technologies. A variety of GIS, Farm Management Information Systems, on-farm technology (eg. Yield Maps, As-Applied application, Gamma-Radiometric Soil Sensing) were utilized to evaluate trials and drive various fertility and additional management decisions.

Danny holds a BSc in Environmental Science and an MSc, both from the University of Guelph. His Master’s thesis utilized X-ray computed micro-tomography to scan soil cores from agricultural systems to measure soil structural indices (porosity volume, shape & connectivity).

Danny has a strong background in precision ag technology and how it is utilized on the farm. Over the past 10 years he has been involved with various roles and projects. Some of them include working at an equipment dealership as a precision ag support consultant, and operating drones to acquire imagery to be utilized to manage various agricultural systems. Danny looks forward to working on projects utilizing various forms of technology to address current challenges in the horticulture sector and improve soil management.

Danny can be reached at

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