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Vineyard Labor Challenges: Mechanization and Other Approaches

December 13, 2023

Viewing in Eastern Time


Finding consistent and skilled labor remains an issue in perennial production systems such as vineyards. Learn about issues and solutions to managing vineyards in the face of labor shortages. Topics such as mechanization adoption and labor programs will be reviewed by commercial growers who will share their experiences in the context of their approach to managing vineyards of various sizes and from different regions.


Eastern Viticulture and Enology Forum Series” (EVEF) is a collaborative effort between the Penn State Extension Grape and Wine Team and several viticulture and enology Extension programs from the following U.S. land grant institutions: Colorado State University, Cornell University, University of Georgia, Iowa State University, University of Maryland, Ohio State University, and Rutgers University. As part of the Eastern Viticulture and Enology Forum Webinar Series, this session is a collaborative effort between these viticulture and enology extension programs coordinated for grape growers and winemakers.


December 13, 2023
(12:00 PM-1:30 PM ET)

Who is this for?

  • Vineyard owners
  • Winery owners
  • Vineyard managers
  • Winemakers

What will you learn?

  • Labor issues in commercial vineyards
  • Labor solutions in commercial vineyards
  • Mechanization considerations
  • Labor program considerations

This event is being offered at no charge to participants.

Registration is required to receive the link to access the webinar.

Registrants will also receive access to the webinar recording.

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