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Blueberry Update May 8, 2015

From Berry Bulletin 2015-03

BlueberriesWarm rains will create good conditions for mummyberry, especially where this has been a problem in the past. There is no concern if it stays dry.

There are many group 3 fungicides registered for mummyberry control; the differences are in the preharvest intervals.

  • Jade, Mission Topas and Funginex are suitable for early season use targeting primary infection, with a 60 days to harvest interval.
  • Indar has been recently registered, and product has a 30 days to harvest interval.
  • Quash and Proline have 7 days to harvest interval, and are useful for secondary infections.
  • See OMAFRA publication #360 Guide to Fruit Production, and the product labels.

Blueberry maggot in Ontario- new rules. The Canadian Food Inspection Agency has revised their directive on blueberry maggot. This is the first complete revision of directive D-02-04 since it was originally published in 2002. The regulated areas in Ontario have been amalgamated, as described in RMD-14-02: Revision of the geographic boundaries of the regulated areas for the blueberry maggot Rhagoletis mendax in the province of Ontario. Basically, this means that if you want to ship blueberries outside of the regulated area, you must be on a blueberry certification program. The regulated area is most of southern Ontario.

If you would like a copy of the new directive, please contact Pam Fisher ( or Denise Beaton . (

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