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Are you a small-to medium-sized producer of fresh apple cider?

Louise Agius, Risk Management Specialist

Ensuring the safety and quality of your cider is in everyone’s best interest.  To maintain your products’ safety, as well as a trusted business reputation, it is important to take steps to minimize or eliminate contamination risks.

To learn how to identify and manage potential food safety risks in your operation, plan to attend an upcoming Assessing and Managing Food Safety Risks in Apple Cider Production workshop.

 This full-day workshop, held by OMAFRA’s Foods of Plant Origin program, will provide essential information and effective tools to help producers of fresh apple cider identify and minimize food safety risks.

Workshop locations and dates:

St. Jacobs: Wednesday, August 17th


Tickets are 25$.  Your ticket covers your workshop training, plus a light breakfast, coffee, snacks, and lunch.

Registration Information:

1-877-424-1300 or visit

Foods of Plant Origin Contact:

Louise Agius
Risk Management Specialist
519 826-6610



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