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A nectarine by any other name is ….. NOT a peach!

Historically, the following statement appeared at the beginning of the peach calendar in Publication 360: “All products labeled for use on peach can also be used on nectarine.”  During the summer of 2016, an auditor spotted Decis on the spray record of a nectarine grower and flagged it as unregistered.  After a lot of emails, we received confirmation from PMRA that, indeed, if a product label does not specify nectarine or Crop Group 12-09, it is not legal for use on nectarine.

This prompted a search of all products labeled on peach to see whether nectarine was included.  The following table lists the products that are not labeled on nectarine:

Product name Registration number Common name
Decis 5 EC 22478 deltamethrin
Imidan 70-WP Instapak 29064 phosmet
Purespray Green Spray Oil 13 E 27666 mineral oil
Superior 70 Oil 9542, 14981 mineral oil
Guardsman Copper Oxychloride 50 13245 copper oxychloride
Copper Spray 19146 copper oxychloride
Ferbam 76 WDG 20136 ferbam
Funginex DC 27686 triforine
Granuflo T 30548 thiram
Kumulus DF 18836 sulphur
Maestro 80 DF 26408 captan
Microscopic Sulphur WP 14653 sulphur
Microthiol Disperss 29487 sulphur
Rovral WDG 24709 iprodione
Thiram 75 WP 27556 thiram

Also note that Thionex is no longer labeled on peach after Dec. 31, 2016 and Sevin XLR is no longer registered for use on apricot, cherry, grape, peach, pear or plum.  This information will also be provided in the 2017 Supplement to Publication 360.

OMAFRA will be working with the companies and PMRA on label expansions for the most critical uses. For the time being, none of these products are legal to use on nectarine.  As we make progress, further updates will be released.

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