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August 28 Berry Bulletin

In this bulletin:

  • Crop & pest update
  • Spotted wing drosophila
  • Use ‘em before we lose ‘em
  • What’s Growing ON

Berry Bulletin August 28th


New strawberry fields and renovated fields are looking good. Growers continue to train runners and it is time to apply 25-35 kg N per hectare on new and renovated fields. Day-neutral yields are increasing.

Insects:  All growers with day-neutrals strawberries, raspberries and blueberries should be managing for SWD for the rest of the season. See more details on SWD management below.

If you didn’t apply Agri-mek after renovation check renovated fields now and look at the new growth. If there are signs of cyclamen mites (tough, crinkled leaves, stunted growth), or limited new growth, consider applying a miticide now or plan for one in the spring before bloom. Watch for aphids as they will like the new, succulent growth in strawberry fields right now.

In day-neutral fields watch for leafhoppers, two-spotted spider mites and tarnished plant bugs. Use products that have activity on both SWD and tarnished plant bug, such as Malathion. Assail for tarnished plant bug will also have some activity on SWD larvae.

Disease:  Watch for powdery mildew, botrytis, and anthracnose in day-neutral fields, and maintain fungicide coverage. Make sure there is a product for anthracnose included in your spray program if conditions for anthracnose are present (hot, humid weather & rain). Incorporating group M products in your spray program for resistance management is very important.

Weeds: Labour day is next weekend, which is an important time for weed control. In new plantings apply an herbicide to control winter annuals when rows are filled in. If rows are not filled in with runners continue to cultivate and hold off on herbicides. If you are using Sinbar use a very low rate, and rain or irrigation is needed after application for both Sinbar and Devrinol.


Fall-bearing raspberries are being harvested in protected culture and field berries.  Spotted wing drosophila is the main challenge at this point. Continue to manage for SWD throughout the season- see below for more information.


Blueberry harvest continues with late varieties. Continue to manage for SWD- see below for more information.

BioLink (PCP# 33590) is a new herbicide registered on blueberries. It is a post-emergent, non-selective herbicide. This product is potentially organic- check with your certifying bodies.

Axxe (PCP# 32719) is another broad spectrum, non-selective herbicide for blueberry growers. This product is also potentially organic-check with your certifying bodies.

Spotted wing drosophila:

Stay diligent with SWD control as the season continues. Make sure you are harvesting regularly and maintaining a regular spray program (every 5-7 days). Growers need to continue managing for SWD where ripe fruit is present, including in day-neutral strawberries, raspberries & blueberries.

SWD should be managed by harvesting early, thoroughly and often- every 1 to 2 days. Weekly sprays are also needed to help keep SWD under control. Reapplication is needed after ½ – inch rains. Pyrethroid insecticides (Mako, Up-Cyde) will not work well in hot weather and will cause an increase in mites. Save this product for later in the season when mite pressure is low.

Use all forms of management. Do not spray in temperatures above 25oC. Cool fruit as soon as possible after harvest. Use a salt water test to assess control on your farm.

Use ’em before we lose ’em

There have been many changes over the last couple of years to product registrations in horticulture, including products that have lost registration. Check out our blog post Use ‘em before we lose ‘em (URL: for a list of dates of last farm use for  hort growers. A detailed list of re-evaluation decisions is also attached here Re-evaluation decisions for berry growers April 2020

What’s Growing ON?

Episode 9 of What’s Growing ON is available, and it includes information on cyclamen mites in strawberries and a conversation with Cassie Russell on the invasive pepper weevil. Check out the episode on our blog: What’s Growing ON?- Episode 9  (URL: )

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