Berry Growers of Ontario 2021 Twilight Meeting

Research plots

Tuesday September 14. 2021

Simcoe, ON

After a one year COVID hiatus we are back with our annual Twilight Meeting.  This year will be a little different in that we will meet at two different locations.  We will have a robotics demonstration at Meadow Lynn Farms and then move to the Simcoe Research Station to see a selection of the research plots.  See the schedule below.

3:30    Meet at Meadow Lynn Farms (80 Decou Rd, Simcoe ON N3Y 4K2)

            Robotics’ Demonstration

5:15    Depart for Simcoe Research Station (1283 Blueline Rd, Simcoe, ON N3Y 4K3)

5:30    Visit Research Plots

6:30    Dinner at the Station – BGO Greeting

8:00    Head for home

*Registration Required – for a dinner count.  Cost to be determined ($10-$20).  Email or call 905-735-5379 to register.

Robots to Demonstrate

Naio – Oz
Small autonomous tractor/cultivator
Inter-row weeding in any crop size
Small enough to drive between 30” rows
Multiple implements to attach, can customize implementsGuided by RTK GPS

Korechi – RoamIO
Autonomous vehicle
Soil optics sensor
Pull behind capabilities for sprayers, seeders, fertilizers, mowers

Research Plots

Effect of Crown Size on Strawberry Performance

Two day-neutral cultivars, San Andreas and Albion, were sorted and planted by crown size to determine the effect of crown size on overall yield. Plants were sorted into three sizes, small (<.7cm), medium (.7-.9 cm) and large (>.9cm). Strawberries are currently being harvested. Visit these plots to see the effect of crown size on plant establishment and yield.

Anthracnose Fungicide Trial

A day-neutral fungicide trial has been set up at the research station to evaluate fungicides that are currently registered for anthracnose control or suppression and to evaluate other fungicides that may have activity on anthracnose. There are 10 treatments including an untreated control.

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