August 27 Berry Bulletin

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It’s time for June-bearing strawberries to get their late summer fertilizer- 25-35 kg N per hectare- this should be applied soon if it hasn’t been applied already to help with fruit bud initiation. New June-bearing fields are growing in well. There are some leaf diseases showing up, including angular leaf spot, Phomopsis leaf blight, common leaf spot, and powdery mildew. See disease management comments below.


Aphid numbers are fairly low however they need to be controlled every 2-4 weeks if you aren’t monitoring. Make sure to manage for aphids to control viruses and protect your fields for next season. Watch for aphids into September.

Tarnished plant bugs and SWD need to be managed in day-neutrals regularly, and continue to monitor for two-spotted spider mites and potato leafhoppers.

Cyclamen mites: If you didn’t apply Agri-mek after renovation check renovated fields now and look at the new growth. If you are seeing stunted growth and tough, crinkled leaves, and can see the mites in the young folded leaves you should control mites now or plan to apply a miticide in the spring. If you are planning on using row covers on any fields with a history of cyclamen mites pay close attention to these fields in the spring and watch for cyclamen mite damage.  Watch for stunted growth in new fields as well- we have seen cyclamen mites in new plantings.  

Agri-mek needs to be applied at a high volume (750-1000L water/ha) and with a surfactant to make sure you are reaching the mites that are protected in the crown and young, folded leaves.

Disease: It is very important to maintain fungicide coverage on day-neutrals, especially if there is rain in the forecast. The hot temperatures we’ve had this week and heavy rains will lead to high anthracnose pressure- Switch is your best option for anthracnose control and should be used when there is high pressure.

Powdery mildew can easily be found in day-neutrals and June-bearing strawberries. Powdery mildew control may be necessary for new June-bearing plantings.

Angular leaf spot: Angular leaf spot can be found in new and renovated June-bearing fields. If a spray is necessary apply Tivano at 1.7% v/v – apply in a high spray volume to ensure good coverage, usually 500-700 L/ha. Do not use a surfactant when controlling angular leaf spot.

Weeds: Labour day is next weekend, which is an important time for weed control. In new plantings apply an herbicide to control winter annuals when rows are filled in. If rows are not filled in with runners continue to cultivate and hold off on herbicides. If you are using Sinbar use a very low rate, and rain or irrigation is needed after application for both Sinbar and Devrinol.


The fall-bearing raspberry season is going well so far. SWD needs to be controlled for the rest of the season. Keep the fields as clean as possible- regular harvest is very important.  

Watch for diseases including late leaf rust. If a fungicide is necessary for leaf rust Fontelis is registered for control and has a short PHI (0 days).


Blueberry harvest is slowing down as growers move on to late-season varieties. Maintain a regular SWD spray program for the rest of the season. If any growers are concerned about nematodes (weaker areas, less vigorous plants) let me know ( or 519-410-0624) and I can collect samples for our blueberry nematode project this fall or next spring.

Berry Growers of Ontario Twilight Meeting:

Tuesday September 14, 2021

After a one year COVID hiatus we are back with our annual Twilight Meeting.  This year will be a little different in that we will meet at two different locations.  We will have a robotics demonstration at Meadow Lynn Farms and then move to the Simcoe Research Station to see a selection of the research plots.  See the schedule below.

3:30        Meet at Meadow Lynn Farms (80 Decou Rd, Simcoe ON N3Y 4K2). Robotics’ Demonstration

5:15        Depart for Simcoe Research Station (1283 Blueline Rd, Simcoe, ON N3Y 4K3)

5:30        Visit Research Plots

6:30        Dinner at the Station – BGO Greeting

8:00        Head for home

*Registration Required – for a dinner count.  Cost to be determined ($10-$20).  Email or call 905-735-579 to register.

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