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August 18 Berry Bulletin

In this bulletin:

  • Crop Update
  • Spotted wing drosophila
  • Berry Events

Strawberries: Wet, mild weather continues as we move into late August. There is a lot of new growth in renovated June-bearing strawberries, and it is time to fertilize both renovated fields and new plantings- 25-30 kg of nitrogen per hectare.

Insects: In renovated fields and new fields don’t forget about aphid control. Aphids like the new, succulent growth following renovation and in new fields. If you are not monitoring for aphids they need to be sprayed every 2-4 weeks.   Day-neutral growers should continue to monitor for tarnished plant bug, potato leafhopper and two-spotted spider mite.

Disease: Disease management continues to be challenging with the wet and warm conditions this summer. If there are situations where a lot of fruit rot is present workers should strip off any diseased blooms or berries, spray captan, and begin harvest again in 6 days. The strawberry disease models continues to be available for growers.

Powdery mildew control may be necessary for new June-bearing plantings. Leaf edges will roll up and reddish-grey blotches will develop along the edge of the lower leaf surface.  

Raspberries:   Fall bearing raspberries are being harvested. SWD is the main pest at this point in the season. Clean up summer raspberries if you have other berries on your farm to help control SWD. In high tunnels watch for two-spotted spider mites.  

Late-August to early-September is a good time to apply Altacor for raspberry crown borer, to target hatching eggs. Make sure to get good coverage.  A second application can be made in mid-October.  Spring applications are another option for control; these applications target the larvae before they move into the crown.  

Blueberries: blueberry harvest is slowing down as growers move onto later varieties. It is very important for growers to maintain a tight SWD spray schedule and re-apply after a rain.

Spotted wing drosophila monitoring: All growers with ripening and ripe berries should be spraying regularly (every 5-7 days, re-applying after ½ inch of rain). SWD numbers will continue to climb for the rest of the summer. Clean, regular harvest is important, cool fruit immediately, and remove unmarketable fruit as pickers move through the field.

Upcoming Events:

Soilless Berry Study Group– Next week!

When: Thursday, August 24, 2:00-4:00pm

Where: Harry’s Berries, 1230 Windham Road 10, Windham Centre

Cost: Free Bring your own lawn chairs!

Refreshments will be provided. Please contact Victoria Eastman ( or Erica Pate ( to register.

Berry Growers of Ontario Twilight Meeting Mark your calendars for the Twilight meeting on September 13, 2023, hosted by Blueberry Hill Estates, 1195 Front Rd. St. Williams.

  • 4:00 Farm  Tour
  • 6:30- Dinner and BGO Greeting
  • 8:00 Head for Home

Email to register!

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